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November 8, 2016  

Season_For_Living_150.pngSusan is an Atlanta native with deep southern roots in Georgia. She is nostalgic about Atlanta in the 1950's and 1960's and has tried to give her readers a glimpse of this beautiful city while following a family of very strong women. The extraordinary changes are chronicled in both her books through her love of history. Susan lives in a suburb of North Atlanta.

April 15, 2016  
R.M.A. Spears retired from the US Marine Corps in 2009, having served 27 years in the Navy and Marine Corps.. While serving in AOCS Class 06-78 in the US Navy, he contributed to the script for a movie that would go on to be An Officer and a Gentleman.

His educational credits include a BS, MBA, OCS, AOCS, TBS, IOC, AWS, C&S, OIF, OEF, DUI, and a cavalcade of inglorious civilian occupations.

He resides in the ancestral home he salvaged on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River in rural Missouri.
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