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May 5, 2016  
RANDI McKINNON came to USA from Norway in 1959 and settled in Oregon. After working in food service 40 some odd years as a chef and baker, she retired. Thinking retirement was boring, she needed something new to do. Her correspondence with friends almost always turned into what they called ’book editions.’ Of all her hobbies, she likes writing the best and decided to take a correspondence course in writing children’s books. Most of her stories are fiction, as she embellishes on stories from her childhood. In the village where she grew up, it was far between houses, so she had no playmates and had to make up her own games. Trolls and fairies were believed to be real, according to her grandparents. So remembering this, gives her a lot to write about. Some of her sentence structures may not be quite correct, as she sometimes mixes her two languages together. 
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